Tranza Software specializes in consulting and application development across a broad range of computer systems and technologies. We”ve been in the software development business for over 20 years delivering quality applications and web sites.

Web Site Design and Management

Our core business has been web development and we”ve been at it for a long time. We started in the days of hand-coding HTML but now we are using advanced frameworks that enable the creation of sophisticated web applications and content management. We build sites that let the end user manage the content and appearance so that they are not continually paying the site designer to keep their site current. We take care of building a custom site, setting up the initial content, and then training the owner in how they can add and edit content going forward.

Below are some of the sites we’ve created. They represent only a sample of the kinds of things we can do and have been designed in collaboration with the site owners themselves.

We can design a site for you.


We can also develop custom programs for your exact needs. Whether it’s an iPhone app, a Windows program, or custom website functionality, if you need it, we can build it.